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Fall Makeup Colors

The orange and brown hues of autumn are a good excuse to swap out the minimalist summer look with a bolder one. Here are 5 fall makeup color ideas you ought to try out.

Vampy Lips

Fall Makeup is all about daring colors and what better way to achieve this than a dark-colored lipstick! Bid goodbye to the brights and neons you sported all summer long and swap them out for richer deeper shades such as blueberry and dark berry. A vampy lip is by far the easiest way to update your look. Just be sure to look for a matte lipstick that will perfectly accentuate your skin tone. Bold lips have a way of making you seem more put-together, whether you are stepping into the office or going for a night out.

Bolder Brows

The au Naturelle minimalist look reigned supreme all summer long. You will have to trade in the tinted brow gel for darker brows. The more filled up the better. Bold brows will give the illusion of a more structured face. What’s more, it will balance out the vampy lips, eliminating the risk of looking bottom-heavy.

Tone down your eyebrows by adding a bit of color every morning. This will call for periodic grooming and maintenance, seeing as they will be heavily highlighted.

Nude nails

Even though your nails will be tucked inside gloves most of the time, that’s no excuse to leave them unattended. To that end, nude nails have become a high-contender this fall. It is the perfect contrast to the bold autumn makeup look. Even better, it will tie perfectly with any outfit you choose, be it your Sunday Jeans or your everyday power suit.

Metallic Eyeshadows

This autumn, there isn’t one eyeshadow color that can be said to be all the rage. However, there is one texture that seems to have taken the runways by storm; metallic. You can play with different shades, ranging all the way from silver to gold. And we’re not just referring to a dash of gold in the corners of the eyes.

The metallic eyeshadow is meant to make a bold beauty statement and the way to achieve this is by sweeping it across your eyelids unashamedly. You can take it a notch higher by applying a black eyeshadow on the lower lashline extended out to the corners. The final look should resemble a smokey eye accentuated by metallic eyeshadow.

Flawless Foundation

No matter your poison, Rimmel, Dior or any other brand you fancy, be sure to invest in a flawless foundation that will see you through fall and winter. The trick to pulling off a flawless look is by using a base coat that closely resembles your skin tone. If it’s too light you run the risk of looking cakey. On the flip side if it’s too dark you will look way too unnatural.

The best way to find a foundation that matches your tone is by sampling different brands without skimping on price. It shouldn’t matter whether it’s expensive or cheap as long as it’s right for you.

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