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Gramercy Hair Salon

Fall Hair Trends

As you switch out swimsuits for pullovers and beanies it’s only fitting you give your hair a much-needed update as well. You can push it back, tie a bow on it or braid it. Hair trends this fall are all about simplicity and drama. Take a look at the different hairstyles that have been trending recently.

The black ribbon trend

The runways in Milan, London, Paris, and New York had one hair trend replicated throughout; the black ribbon trend. Hairbands were traded for black ribbons in both low ponytails and buns. The dimensions ranged from hardly noticeable to big statement bows. For straight hair, a small section of the hair was fastened with the ribbon and the ends left to hang loose. This seemed to work best with blonde hair owing to the contrast of color. There is no dearth of ways to use the black ribbon trend. It’s one of those trends that is subjective and open to creativity, there is no wrong way or right way of doing it.


Talk of the age-old trend that always seems to be in style. However, don’t mistake it for the run-of-the-mill ponytail secured with an elastic band. Ponytails this fall are all about sleek partitioning and expertly executed fastening. The center-parted, low-hanging ponytail is a hit, especially when paired with statement earrings. The trend also features the medium hanging ponytail that is secured at ear height. It’s neither too low nor too high, making it both sporty and conservative. Other notable ponytail styles include; rumpled ponytails, high-shine gloss, and the two pronged-approach that features a ponytail at the back and front.

Slicked back hair

Spring’s chicest hairstyle has come back with a vengeance this fall. Ideally, as long as there is no hair dancing in your face you are on track. All you ought to do is brush your hair back and slip it behind your ears. For a refined look, you can opt to have it more on the shiny end. The wet look will give off a classy finish. Slicked back hair is a sleek and neat trend that perfectly caters to fall’s crappy weather.

Hair colors

Rich and warm tones seem to be the order of the day this fall. Whatever your current hair color, you’d be on trend with a darker shade of the same. For those hoping to join the brunette club – milk chocolate, and chestnut brown is the way to go. If you’re hoping to go lighter, give bronde a try. This refers to red coupled with gold highlights. Your tresses will boast of much more definition.


We’d be wrong to crown braids an exclusively fall trend seeing as its always in style. Braids of all dimensions have been making a definite resurgence this fall ranging from fishtails to cornrows. However, there is one braid trend that debuted this fall. It features three to four rows in the middle with straight hair on the side tied in a low and tight ponytail with the free hair.

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