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Gramercy Hair Salon

Great Hair Conditioners

The only way to attain beautiful, soft, and healthy hair is by keeping it well moisturized and conditioned. To that end, a great leave-in conditioner should be a staple in your hair care regime. It imparts its proverbial magic by lodging moisture into your hair, ultimately making it strong and flexible. A good leave-in conditioner should make hair management easier by taming flyaways, offering sufficient protection from harsh elements, and allowing for smooth detangling. The best leave-in conditioners are organic and boast of the ingredients listed below.


A leave-in conditioner infused with coconut is an excellent moisturizer for damaged and weak hair. Coconut oil is known to offer a deep conditioning from the inside and out owing to its small molecular size. You will notice an increase in the pliability of your hair strands as well as increased shine. What’s more, coconut oil curbs protein loss inevitably making your hair stronger. A good example of a coconut-based leave in conditioner you ought to try is Palmer’s Coconut Oil formula strengthening leave-in conditioner. It has a great fragrance too.

Shea Butter

Any leave-in conditioner doused in Shea butter is a safe bet for your hair’s vitality. Shea butter boasts of a unique blend of fatty acids (saturated and nonsaturated omega) useful for maintaining the structure of your hair. What’s more, the fatty acids have great skin moisturizing properties that will be beneficial to your scalp. Shea butter has strong restorative properties against the damage done to hair by constant exposure to heat and chemicals. It has an added bonus of being anti-inflammatory even though that is not a must-have in conditioners. If used right, your hair will have a soft texture that can easily be combed.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been said to have the strongest moisturizing capabilities compared to any other herb known to man. It’s a one-stop shop for all your hair woes seeing as it strengthens, conditions, and cleanses. It also does a great job in pacifying frizzy hair. When there is uneven absorption of water in the outer layer of your hair, you are bound to suffer from frizzed-up hair. Aloe Vera creates a moisture and humidity layer that shelters the hair strands from uneven swelling. As a result, your hair will be left feeling smooth and manageable.

How to correctly use a great leave in conditioner

It’s one thing to have a great leave-in conditioner and a different ballgame to apply it the right way. To achieve the desired results follow these simple instructions.

  • To feel the full brunt of the conditioner, use it immediately after shampooing – while your hair is still damp (not dripping wet). You can also apply it dry hair if the texture feels rough.
  • Place a reasonable amount of the conditioner on the palm of your hand and gently, but deeply, rub it to your hair. Adjust the amount you use according to your hair needs.
  • Pay most attention to the ends of the hair. Apply less in the middle and almost nothing at the roots.
  • Let your hair air

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