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Gramercy Hair Salon

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Tousled and Wavy Hair Trends

This Fall’s hair trends offer superwaves and a sexy unkempt look. We’ve pulled a few styles out that highlight our version of Gramercy’s favorite colors and techniques that will keep you looking top-notch this time of year.

Some prefer to call it rose-gold others like to use the description of butterscotch-blonde. Whatever the case may be, the light champagne colors are tearing up the runways as well as the magazines. These gorgeous shades are great for light colored or faded tan skin tones and will keep you turning heads till Thanksgiving!

Next, don’t hesitate to try something new. Ask your stylist to recommend a new shade of pink or even green if you are brave enough to pull that off. Keep in mind certain shades will require some thought, preparation, and planning. For instance, if you’re looking to have pastels they look better on lighter hair colors such as blonde. However, if you want to have pink and your base is chocolate brown, well then…your stylist will have to prime your locks to get the color you’re looking to achieve. Nonetheless, you’re going to love getting outside of your comfort zone with something fun and funky!

If getting wild with color isn’t your thing, then we’ve got a fix for you-you’ll be excited to try. Although straight, sleek hair comes and goes, this fall it was about waves and mussed up doos! To get that tangled up messy approach to hairstyling, just put your hair in a messy bun on the top of your melon and walah! Once your locks dry, you will have a full head of soft curls that look like beach hair, without the surf and sand. Keep in mind a dry shampoo is also another way to get this same effect but it may not work on all hair textures.

Besides the waves and tousles, braids and buns continue to be what’s normal in Boca Raton. Why not combine the two with a stylish twist that turns into a messy bun? Not only is this simple to do on your hair, but it’s also going to give you, even more, waves to keep you looking retro-cool!

Mermaid hair is another term you’ll hear in many of today’s salons. However, for Fall 2017, it’s ‘mermaid’ length that has people diving right into a big sea of fabulous! This range goes beyond the down to your butt attitude. Beautiful flowing strands past your bum is what the latest hair craze happens to be. You can achieve this look by getting extensions or growing your hair for a very long time. Be cautious and get your hair trimmed regularly. Even when you want to grow your hair, you can prevent split ends and flyaway by having a cut every 6-weeks.

We hope you found these tips helpful. Please contact our receptionist to book an appointment.


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