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Gramercy Hair Salon

The Truth About Extensions

How to Avoid Ruining Your Hair

Hair extensions can be a wonderful way for people to add volume, length and to change up your hairstyle. However, certain hair extensions and the methods used to install them can cause damage to your hair if you’re not careful. Depending on your hair type, you may want to speak to a stylist to find out what is recommended. However, on this week’s blog, we feature some important truth about what you need to know before applying extensions to your hair.

First Truth

Not ALL extensions are created equal. That is, there are different types of extensions that can be applied to hair. Some are semi-permanent, and others are a quick fix. There are several methods for applying these faux locks such as Tape, Glue Weave, Micro Beads, Clips, and Braids. No matter which method you use, a good treatment prior to use is key.

Second Truth

Prior to installing extensions, be sure to use a healthy hair product that contains and builds collagen and biotin. Why is this important? What you may not know is that any hair extension will result in some loss of hair. The stronger the shaft of your hair and your follicle the less hair will be lost. Be sure to ask your stylist which products are best for your hair type.

Third Truth

Don’t use hair color that doesn’t match. Since many of the synthetic hair extensions can look fake, you want to make sure you select human hair or a hair extension that matches to your current color. In some cases, with natural hair extensions, you can color treat them. However, you need to be careful as the chemicals can cause a lot of damage. Same goes for using heating tools such as curling irons and flatteners. Most synthetic extensions can melt and shouldn’t be used with these types of heat styling devices.

Fourth Truth

Extensions that are braided in are gentle to the hair. FALSE! For those who like to have dreadlock extensions, your natural hair can go through extreme trauma after these fake braids are installed. Ask your hairdresser what will happen once you’re ready to take them out.

No matter which method you choose, be sure to get the advice from a good hair stylist. Even the clip on can pull or break the hair. While these are probably the least damaging they do have their deception. By using some common sense and additional hair care, you can learn to use hair extensions in a sensible way that is beneficial to your doo.

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