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Gramercy Hair Salon

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Guide to Gorgeous Hair

How to Get Your Hair to Grow Faster, Stronger and Thicker

Styling professionals at Gramercy know there’s no secret to grow hair fast. By eating a balanced diet, using gentle hair products and taking care of those locks is the only way to get stronger hair. But, our hairdressers will tell you there is a way for you to get mermaid hair where your mop on top, will be thicker in no time. Dive into to learn how you can get beautiful, long hairstyles that will turn heads.

Take Vitamins

It’s not always easy to eat a balanced meal. However, if you want mermaid hair, you’re going to need nutrition. Since hair follicles use the same ingredients found in skin, it’s important to be sure to have a food intake to help create new cells and tissue. The blood vessels that surround your follicles are what help to feed your hair at the root. Take vitamins if you don’t eat five light meals per day, or your diet consists of food where the nutrients are getting robbed. Vitamins rich in fish oil, zinc and B-complex will turn your head around.

Don’t Use Home or DIY Dyes

Since you lose about 100 hairs per day, it’s important to be gentle when using things like chemicals. Everything from hair dye to shampoo can make even MORE hair fall out. Be sure to look for products that are rich in nutrients and aren’t more damaging. Although every drug store or places such as Walmart sell home hair dying systems, these products can be more detrimental because of the ingredients. It’s best to visit your hair salon where they use professional-grade products that help hair to grow and not fall out.

Get Your Hair Cut Regularly

The telogen phase of your hair lasts around 3-months. This is the stage in which hair is fully grown all the way to the root. After the period where this hair has matured, it will naturally fall out. But, you can keep the production of new hair growth if you have regularly scheduled haircuts. A cut will also help to produce healthy sebum which allows hair moisture. When you live in a place like South Florida, it’s important to seek alternatives to dryness.

These tips can help promote healthy hair which will give you that mermaid appearance. Long, flowing beautiful locks of sexy hair. Be sure to speak with our stylist for more suggestions on hair growth.

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