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Gramercy Hair Salon

Why DIY Hair Dye Can Ruin Your Day

Look at places like Pinterest, and you’ll find a ton of tips and tricks for do-it-yourself hair dyes it will make your head spin. However, it’s important to note; not everyone is going to achieve the recommended results from these types of sites. People like ‘Mommy Bloggers’ and inexperienced home stylists may have a lot to write about the subject of coloring one’s own hair. However, in this article, we want to give you some valuable advice before your DIY method ruins your day.

Lightening Products

It’s hard to believe they still the product “Sun in” at pharmacies and places like Walmart today. This back of book, 1980’s hair-lightener was the talk of Boca Raton in the day. But, today there are much better treatments you can buy over the counter that won’t do as much damage to your hair. Additionally, many products will give you that burnt-orange hair color that may not be what you’re trying to achieve. When it comes to a product such as bleach or lightening, you must be extremely careful. Not only can you possibly get a weird tone, but you may also risk the chance of your hair becoming weak and falling out altogether.

Harsh Chemicals

A professional stylist must spend multiple hours studying their craft. These are skilled people who have been certified by the state of Florida who has the knowledge and skill set necessary to protect your hair and health. When it comes to chemicals such as peroxide and ammonia can break your hair cuticles and follicles making hair vulnerable to outcomes.


Many of today’s trends are violets, pinks and even platinum grey are gorgeous. However, if the first part of the treatment isn’t done under professional care, you could break the hair and damage it beyond repair. (unless you’re cool with shaving it bald?) If you’ve been thinking about mermaid hair colors, remember there are multiple steps to reaching that goal. Unless your hair is already stripped of its natural pigment, then you are going to want to see someone who will know how to safely get rid of your current color.

Too Good to be True

Sure, these boxes all say the same thing. It’s called “advertisement”. But, it’s your head, so keep it screwed on the right way and be cautious not to lose your mind when reading the grand statements like “Change Your Hair Color in Less than 20 Minutes” or “8-Weeks of Fade Defying Color”. It’s amazing what they’ll try to sell us. Anyways, the big deal we are making here is for you to be cautious when selecting hair color systems that are meant to do at home. While you might save a little extra initial cost, you could spend a lot more if the damage is done.

Give us a call if you have any questions regarding your hair color, cut and style.

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