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What’s Wrong with A Little Blue or Pink?

What’s Wrong with A Little Blue or Pink?

Adding some brightly colored highlights to your hair can transform your look and brighten up your complexion in an instant.  They can also make you feel ten years younger and help you channel your inner rock star if that’s your thing too.  Whatever your reason for adding a little bit of pink or blue (or another crazy color) to your hair this season, consider the following before you commit:

  1. You may need to bleach your hair

Unless your hair is very light in color in the first place, you will need to bleach it on order to see the maximum effect of the highlights. Brightly colored hair dyes are usually semi-permanent meaning that they won’t lift the color of your hair, but merely color it.  The lighter your bright colored highlights are going to be (like pastel highlights for example), the paler your hair will need to be.  Getting it just right can involve more than one bleaching session which isn’t great for hair or your budget!  Eek!

  1. Your new color will fade pretty quickly

Brightly colored hair takes some looking after.  Be aware that your perfect shade of pink will fade pretty quickly, and you will need to be coloring it quite often to keep it looking fresh and vivid.  Some colors look OK when they fade, like bright red to pink, for example, looks cute, but others like blues and purples can fade to an unattractive, patchy grey which will need re-coloring every month or so.

  1. Some colors will never really come out

Some colors are more likely to stain your hair and leave you with a residual color that you can never really get rid of.  Dandruff shampoo, Dawn dish soap mixed with baking soda and even crushed up Vitamin C tablets in your shampoo are all believed to help color fade from the hair, but some bright shade of red, purple and blue will leave behind some staining no matter what you do.  If this is the case, you may want to consider visiting a salon to have a bleach bath applied, or a new all-over color added to make it look better.

  1. You will need to invest in some top-quality products

Your hair will have suffered at the hands of the bleach, and your highlights will need a gentle shampoo that won’t strip the color too quickly.  Investing in specially formulated products that will help keep it hydrated and keep the color bold is a worthwhile investment that will help your color highlights look better for longer.

  1. You will get noticed

Pink, blue or any other brightly colored highlights definitely isn’t right for anyone who doesn’t like being noticed.  As soon as you add something a little different to your hair, you will get comments from strangers – both good and bad.  That said, you will totally be rocking them, and you should be proud of your look, as after all, who wants to look the same as everyone else anyway?

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