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Gramercy Hair Salon


4 Blow Drying Tips for Fabulous Hair

Fabulous hair doesn’t just happen – it takes time and work. A blow dryer can be one of an individual’s most important styling tools. Blow drying correctly is the key to having hair behave in the desired manner. It’s not enough to simply point the blow dryer at hair and hope for the best.

People are often pressed for time and turn the heat up on their blow dryer. Few things are worse for hair. Drying properly requires time. Set aside enough time to do it right. If hair is dripping, it’s too wet to start the styling process. Start by finger drying hair until it’s about 60 percent dry before beginning to prep hair for drying. Individuals will need a good, natural bristle brush and don’t forget to use the dryer attachment so hair isn’t seared with heat.

Prep the Hair

Don’t overload hair with product – only a small amount is needed. Most people use a heat protectant for their hair before blow drying, but for hair that’s also smooth, use a bonding product that also strengthens hair while enhancing the shine factor.

Create Volume

The appearance of greater volume ultimately depends on creating angles. For those with thin or fine hair, use a round brush and bring it up underneath each section of hair. Make sure to reach the scalp before applying heat. To create angles, hold the tip of the blow dryer close to the brush at an angle while turning the dryer through each section.

Less is More

For those with naturally curly hair, a smooth finish can be prevented if there’s significant product build-up. While the hair is damp, apply a smoother, finish blow drying, and complete the process with a bonding product.

Bounce and Volume

To create bounce and volume at the same time, utilize a French blowout technique. Don’t just blow-dry wet hair until it feels completely dry. Go slowly, doing one section at a time. Begin at the roots and progress to the ends of each section. Use a round brush to place gentle tension on the sections as they dry. Let the hair cool naturally and it will retain its shape and style for days when performed correctly.

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