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fly aways

4 Ways to Handle Fly Aways

Fly away hair, not to be confused with frizzies, seem to pop up when least expected. They’re annoying, won’t stay put, and can ruin an otherwise sleek look. While any type of hair can develop fly aways, people with straight and fine hair are more prone to them.

There is a bit of good news, however. A few fly aways can serve to give hair more dimension. Slicking them down can make hair look stiff, but it’s possible to work with them to create a more three-dimensional look if desired. Fly aways are typically the result of new hair growth, dry climate, hair that lacks moisture, breakage, and chemical damage.

  1. Clean and Condition

While fly aways aren’t frizzies, they can both be generated by a lack of properly moisturized hair and dry climate. They can be tamed with a shampoo and conditioner designed to fight frizzies. Fly aways caused by a lack of moisture can benefit from a deep conditioning treatment and using a hair serum.

  1. Don’t Towel Dry

Wet hair is extremely fragile and it takes very little stress to break. Towel-drying damages hair and the fibers of a towel are rough on hair. Trade in that bath towel for a microfiber solution with smooth, ultra-fine fibers that are less damaging. Brushing wet hair also causes breakage – use a comb and wait until hair is significantly drier.

  1. Less Heat Styling

Hot styling tools are a major cause of damaged hair due to heat. Give hair a break from hot styling tools or at least cut back on their usage. Use cooler settings if styling tools must be used.

  1. Haircut

Fly away hair that’s the result of damage due to chemicals, heat styling, and breakage can often be remedied with a haircut. There are multiple styles that require less care and are less likely to be damaged that can result in flyaways. A stylist will also be able to provide information and products that help keep flyaways to a minimum.

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