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Choosing a New Hair Stylist

If you’re new to the Boca Raton area and have had a few trials finding a new hair stylist, then this blog is for you. While there’s some crazy number of salons in the Palm Beach County area, it’s important to find the one place where you’re comfortable. More importantly than the salon is the person doing the work on your hair. Once you do find the right stylist, you’ll be friends for life. But, until then here are five important things to look out for when choosing a new stylist.

Look on Yelp or Google Plus for Reviews

When searching for a new stylist, it’s important to remember there’s a ton in Boca to choose from whether you’re going to the mall or a privately-owned spa. If money is no object, then you’ll want to find a place that will take you at a moment’s notice. However, time may not be as vital as finding the right person to cut and color or style your hair. Be sure to check places like Yelp and Google for reputable stylists or ask around. Referrals are always the best way to go but if you don’t know anyone in town, then ask someone who has a style you like where they get their hair done. They will most likely respond without hesitating.

Check Facebook

Next, check Facebook on group pages that are local. Many of the residents that live in the area frequent social media and are always willing to share who their favorite stylist may be. Be mindful; they will also tell you who not to reach out to if their experience was less than perfect.

Be sure to ask for a license

No matter who you find, be sure when visiting your stylist for the first time you check their credentials. Be sure the cosmetology license they are using is legitimate. Most salons will have these displayed near the booth they are working at but if they don’t feel free to ask the receptionist. This will inevitably ensure you are dealing with a licensed professional. South Florida requires all hair stylists work under a state-issued license.

Go on a test-drive with a blowout

Depending on where you end up, you can try any hairdresser by starting with a blow out for your first visit. This will help you see if there’s a good fit. You will have a good time without a significant commitment to a blowout. (Hint: If you plan on booking your blowout during December, be sure to contact the salon right away for openings.)

Bring in Pictures

Besides trying out a stylist with a blowout, you can also wing it and reach a lounge-salon where the community has placed a lot of trusts. In most cases, a top-notch salon will hire hair professionals who have high credentials and an excellent portfolio. The proof is in work, ask if they have examples. Equally important, bring in lots of pictures. Stylist’s love to see what direction you want a cut or color to go in to add them to your mobile phone to help them get a clear thought.

Of course, people meet hair stylists in a multitude of ways, but these are a few tips to keep in mind if you need a little help. In the meantime, you can always come to our location and see if any of our licensed and professional hairdressers suit your style.

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