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Gramercy Hair Salon

5 reasons why you should cut your hair short

Long to short, should I take the leap? 

If you have been growing your hair since, like forever, you may have decided that the time has come for a change.  Going for the chop is something most of us think about at some time our lives, but not all of us are brave enough to do it.

Short hairstyles are not only super cute, they give you the opportunity to cut off split ends, rejuvenate damaged hair and get rid of faded color.  What’s more, short hair is quick to dry and style, and always feels cool and fresh in the summer.

If you are thinking of going from long to short, here are 5 great reasons why you finally take the plunge and go for the chop:

  1. Short hair is super simple to look after

Imagine not having to spend hours with the straightening iron to achieve the look you want, or being a slave to the curling tong to create soft, romantic waves.  Short hairstyles very rarely need much styling, and they are perfect if you want to spend less time on your hair and more time on other things instead.  A quick run through with your fingers or a comb, and perhaps a little bit of product is all you need to get your short hair looking gorgeous.

  1. Short hair is easier to keep in good condition

The length of the hair itself, combined with the lack of heated appliances needed to keep it in shape, means that your hair will look and feel stronger and in better condition throughout. It is also far easier to condition your hair when it is shorter, and you will save a ton of cash on hair cleaning products.  A quick wash and condition in the shower and you will be good to go.

  1. Short hair can make you look younger

Ladies, we may not like to admit it but there comes a time in our lives when long hair can start to age us.  As the full, thick head of hair, we sported in our youth starts to thin, keeping it long can make it look straggly and unkempt.  A nice short haircut, however, will add volume and frame our faces, making us look instantly younger.

  1. Short hair is way cooler in the summer months

If you spend your whole summer scraping your hair back off of your face and neck because it is too hot, just imagine how refreshing short hair could feel.  No more sticking to your face when you are hot and sweaty, a short haircut will let the fresh air circulate around your neck, helping you to feel instantly cooler.

  1. Short hair is an easy way to create a totally new you

Going from long to short is always going to make a noticeable change in your appearance.  Get the cut just right and you will look and feel a million dollars, and you’ll never be short on compliments.

If you are thinking about taking the plunge, talk to our experienced and friendly stylists.  We can recommend the right length for your new hairstyle.  Call us today at 561.600.9594 to book your consultation.

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