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Gramercy Hair Salon

5 Tips Toward Organic Living with Gramercy Hair Salon | Boca Raton, FL

Step into any hair salon today, and you can still smell the remnants of a perming solution as well as active chemicals used to create acrylic nails to relaxers. While that may be okay for some people, a more organic approach is what you’ll find when you visit our location. Not only do we use eco-friendly products, but we also adhere to a style of living primarily toward longevity both healthy for humans and the planet. Unique, primitive and fundamentally necessary, our way of living is vital toward sustaining while existing. In this week’s blog, we outline some ways you can transition from dotage to vibrancy by living the Gramercy lifestyle.

Boca Raton is an area where people strive toward living more organically. From the food, they eat to creating their compost; it seems the community is looking for a quality of life unsurmountable and pure. In fact, the city offers plenty of places for outdoor living, to yoga in the park as well as a Farmer’s Market held each weekend. One can only conclude this is the type of area that is ideal for people wanting to live the good life. But, a long life too.

In addition to living longer, one must make changes to stockpile a new existence.

  1. Eat Healthy
  2. Exercise
  3. Avoid Products Induced by Chemicals
  4. Protect Yourself from Harmful UV Rays
  5. Meditate

Eating healthy is easier than people think. However, when you lead a busy life, it can be a bit more challenging. Be sure to visit places such as Wholefoods, Trader Joes, and Fresh Market to adhere to a clean diet. Drop greasy food; foods made with gluten and flour as well as refined sugar. These ingredients are the devil and will not allow you to follow a meaningful life. Be sure to visit the Green Market on Saturdays to indulge in high-quality produce as well. Living Gramercy means nutrition.

Next, exercise is one important element that allows us to maintain good vitals, fight disease and maintain proper chemical balance. There’s plenty of ways to achieve this type of consciousness. From yoga studios to bike rides and surfing, ‘Bocaratonians’ have got it all. Living Gramercy means movement.

Avoiding products that are injected with tons of chemicals and poison may seem fundamental. However, you’d be surprised the amount of work it can take to do so. Learn to use things such as Lemon and Vinegar as housecleaning products rather than store bought highly toxic materials. When it comes to your health and beauty aids including shampoos and conditioners, shop for products made with pure ingredients. Living Gramercy means purity.

When you live in a place like Southern Florida, you are in a constant battle toward fighting the sun and the harmful rays. Don’t forget to protect your scalp and hair with homegrown protectants and products that prevent further damage or skin cancer. Living Gramercy means protection.

Lastly, to stay in touch with yourself, and your universe, meditation is essential. Meditation is becoming one of America’s favorite past times and somewhat of a daily routine. Clearing your mind for a productive day is a part of living well. Living Gramercy means being mindful.

By taking the time to follow these life altering steps, you’ll not only live a healthier, happier life; you’ll be practicing the Gramercy Lifestyle.

Don’t forget to contact the salon, for your healthy hair solutions.


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