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Gramercy Hair Salon


8 Style Choices for Young Boys

Parents want their children to look good for the holidays and that means a professional haircut. A major amount of attention is paid to girls’ looks, but boys can be just as stylish. Consider the following options to keep young men looking great.

Classic Cut with Fade

This provides boys with a clean and neat look. The sides and back are tapered to gradually blend in with longer hair on the top. Parents can choose a short and sleek look for the top or one that’s longer and messier.


The range of designs that can be created in a cut with short sides is limited only by the stylist’s artistry. It’s a style that’s popular with many boys, while leaving the top longer


The bowl-shaped cut is perfect for boys, and parents, that want a low maintenance style. It features a blunt fringe in front and shorter or shaved sides.

Flat Top and Fade

This style is highlighted by a flat shaped top. The sides and back have a very exact and well-defined skin fade. It gives a neat and tidy appearance that demonstrates a sense of style.


Yes, the style is still popular. The difference is height. On children, the mohawk ridge is kept to a shorter length. Very short hair is typically left on the sides and rest of the head. Areas outside the Mohawk can even be shaved if desired.

Short and Textured

The cut features a neat and tidy side fade. It blends into a medium length textured cut on top that can be as neat or messy as parents like.

Side Swept Medium Cut

Many parents are choosing not to create a part in their child’s hair. This cut is ideal for those that do want a part. It leaves hair longer, with side swept bangs. For parents that want to style their boy’s hair, it offers multiple options.

V-Shape Drop and Fade

Great for boys with thick hair, the cut forms a high V in the back. It has a fade on the sides and back, while remaining longer on top. The cut offers a sleek and sophisticated look.

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