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Gramercy Hair Salon

9 Myths About Natural Hair

Sometimes taking care of natural hair can seem like a full-time job. To further complicate matters, there’s a legion of myths about natural hair that people have been taught and those falsehoods continue to persist, even when they’ve been debunked. The following are 9 myths surrounding natural hair.

Myth: Your Hair Can’t Grow Long

Natural hair grows just like any other. However, natural hair shortens if it’s not properly moisturized, making it shrink and appear shorter. Hair relaxers don’t promote growth.

Myth: Trimming is Necessary for Growth. Regular trimming is essential for all hair types to keep them looking neat, eliminate split ends, and maintain health. It’s the best solution for hair that’s been damaged. Trimming does not make it grow.

Myth: Natural Hair is Unprofessional

Natural hair is completely appropriate in the workplace. However, employers have the right to dictate dress codes and rules of appearance.

Myth: You Shouldn’t Wash Your Hair Very Often

Washing cleans your hair and scalp of dust, debris and product buildup. Wash your hair regularly to help maintain moisturization.

Myth: You Should Change Your Hair Products Regularly

Doing so can actually damage your hair and negatively affect hair growth. When you find the products and routine that works best for you, stick with it. Hair growth is affected by factors encompassing climate, the season and your health.

Myth: You Don’t Have to Use Shampoo

The cleanser is essential for clearing excess oil and buildup from your hair and scalp.

Myth: Rice Water Helps Hair Grow

There are some benefits to rice water, but making it grow isn’t one of them. It can aid in providing strength, sealing split ends and promoting scalp health.

Myth: Deep Conditioning Overnight is Good for Hair

Deep conditioning is designed to be left in a maximum of 20 minutes. It provides no additional benefit after that. Leaving it in overnight can actually result in mold growth.

Myth: You Need to Moisturize with Oil

Oils seal and lock existing moisture into natural locks – they do not moisturize. Mineral oil and those containing petroleum are harmful to natural hair, along with isopropyl alcohol, DEA, and TEA.

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