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9 Ways to Address Thinning and Balding

Hair thinning and loss can affect your self-image and confidence. A full, lush head of hair has traditionally been associated with virility, femininity, youth and desirability. Attitudes are slowly changing, but until they arrive where they need to be, there are some things you can do to minimize the appearance of loss.

Causes of Thinning

One of the primary reasons for thinning hair is hormone levels. They change throughout your lifetime and can be affected by pregnancy, age, stress, and illness. Tight hair styles, scalp infections, poor haircare practices, and heredity can all play a role.

Cut Your Hair

Long hair that’s thinning can appear lackluster and stringy. A shorter style can minimize the appearing of thinning. Consider a style that ends at the collarbone, a bob, a blunt or a pixie to direct attention away from thinning.

Use a Blow Dryer to Add Volume

A blow dryer is a great tool for making hair appear fuller. Air drying and towel drying can damage hair and lead to more loss.

Create a Side Part

A good strategy for men and women, it can aid in covering particularly thin areas. Avoid short and spiky cuts.

Volumizing Products

These are specially designed to add texture, body and volume. Volumizing powder can be especially helpful.

Dye the Roots

Darker roots make thinning areas less noticeable and the rest of your locks look thicker. Spray on hair color is an option you can try at home.

Minoxidil and Propecia

Both products have been proven to help slow the rate of thinning for many people. Depending on the product, they’re available as a foam, liquid or tablet. You’ll need to consult with your doctor before using either product.

Hair Transplant

Everyone isn’t a good candidate for a hair transplant However, the surgical procedure can be effective in many instances. It must be performed by a medical professional skilled in the technique.

Wigs and Hair Pieces

Wigs and hair pieces will cover balding areas. Modern options are much more natural looking than in the past.

Hats and Hair Covers

Both methods are effective for covering balding and thinning spots. Just make sure they’re not too tight or they can cause further hair damage.


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