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Gramercy Hair Salon

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A Good Hair Day can Boost your Mood

We hear a lot about bad hair days, but no one says anything about the really good hair days and how they make you feel. A survey conducted by Avon in 2015 demonstrated that 67 percent of American women feel their best and most confident on good hair days. A similar study at Yale showed that a good hair day boosts self-esteem.

Hair has always been front and center of the beauty industry and people have placed a premium on their locks from the time of Cleopatra. Even in ancient times, a thriving business in potions, lotions and dressings for hair endured. Those not fortunate enough to have the “right” hair have taken steps to remedy their beauty needs with wigs, dyes and rinses, and elaborate head coverings.

Your smile, eyes, and hair are the first three features that people typically notice about you. When you’re having a good hair day, you have more confidence and you tend to be even more outgoing than usual. It’s just one of the reasons that salespeople are typically so perfectly coiffed.

Even though it’s not overtly stated, a glorious head of healthy, shiny hair is still seen as a sign of youth, vigor, and fertility. We all know that as we age our hair begins to gray, thin, and the texture changes. Those changes are viewed as a loss of health, energy and vitality. No one wants to be perceived in those terms so we cut and color our hair.

A good hair day makes you feel more sociable, confident and intelligent. It’s one of the reasons why free haircuts for the homeless makes such an impression on their outlook. When we style our hair, we do so in an effort to have others see us as we see ourselves.

Your hair sends a significant message to those around you and you want it to be a good one. When you have a good hair day, you’re more confident and the beautiful inner you shines through.

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