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Gramercy Hair Salon

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A Risk can Reap Rewards

Choosing a new look can be a terrifying decision, but selecting the right one can give individuals a whole new perspective. It’s not going too far to say that a new style can even change a person’s life by giving them the confidence to make decisions they might otherwise not even consider.

While changing the length, style or color of a person’s hair might seem like a simple alteration to some, it can be extremely liberating and represent a new start. It’s an easy way for individuals to express multiple facets of their personality.

A new hairstyle can make individuals appear younger. The boost in self-esteem can be enormous, but few consider the impact it can have in the workplace where youthfulness can be valued more than experience.

Many people find a hairstyle they like and stick with it for years, but that same cut or color can work to date the appearance. For anyone that looks at photos from past years and sees the same style year after year, it’s definitely time for a change.

A consultation is the key to a great new style. In the past, individuals were encouraged to emulate the style of a celebrity or someone else they admired – often with disastrous results. Everyone has flaws they want to conceal, while accentuating their best features. A professional stylist can provide valuable insight into the best colors and styles based on an individual’s facial structure and complexion.

It’s important for individuals to keep in mind that taking a risk and changing their style doesn’t have to mean a radical alteration. It can encompass shorter hair, getting extensions, or adding highlights. Change is good and demonstrates the way people grow and evolve. A new hairdo can represent a risk, but it can also enable individuals to reap the associated benefits of looking younger and feeling more adventurous.

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