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Gramercy Hair Salon

A Salon Visit can be Therapeutic

It’s important to be appropriately coiffed to meet professional standards, a service that salons provide to dozens of people every day. Individuals also want to look attractive, spurring millions of people to seek cuts, curls, and coloration, along with extensions and a variety of treatments for beautification. What many don’t consider is the therapeutic value of salons.

Stylists have a special relationship with their clients and they have a positive impact on the mental health of each individual. Being able to visit a salon is actually a way for people to tend to their health while looking their best. Hair salons provide pampering that makes people feel good about themselves, elevates their self-esteem, and boosts self-confidence.

Stress Relief

A visit to the salon is relaxing in a variety of ways. Individuals are able to focus on themselves rather than tending to family and work responsibilities. It’s pampering that people can do just for themselves. When the scalp is massaged during the shampoo portion of the visit, it causes the body to release “feel-good” endorphins.


Salons provide a sense of community that offers emotional and social support. Individuals may have been going to the same stylist for many years. Clients can converse, see a friendly face, receive unconditional understanding, and interact with someone that doesn’t expect anything from them. Stylists listen without judgment.


When clients exit their favorite salon, they feel confident knowing that their appearance has been enhanced. It doesn’t matter what type of service an individual receives at a salon, it’s an intimate experience that affects them in a positive manner. Interacting with their stylist can be cathartic.

Therapy for Free

For many, their salon appointments are also viewed as a form of free and affordable therapy. Hairstylists in many ways perform the same service as the stereotypical bartender that listens, commiserates, and may or may not dispense advice depending on how well they know each other. Most importantly, salons provide a safe space for everyone.

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