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Adding Highlights to Dark Hair – What Could go Wrong?

Highlights are popular and even brunettes can experience the sun-kissed look. In an effort to save money, many individuals attempt to create the highlights at home on their own with an over-the-counter product rather than going to a salon. If the highlights turn out well, that’s great.

Unfortunately, there are several things that can go wrong when attempting highlights at home.  The effect may seem simple enough to achieve, but there are a number of variables that will affect the ultimate outcome. Even if individuals go to a skilled technician, they may discover they chose the wrong type and don’t like it. The following are just some of the difficulties that brunettes may encounter with highlights.

Different Types of Highlights

There are different types of highlights. Each requires a different application technique and will result in a different look. Talking with a stylist before making any change is always the best solution. If the results aren’t what’s expected, individuals will need to know what their options are to correct it.

Examples are ombre and balayage that are popular techniques. Ombre utilizes a lighter to darker shade and is the least subtle of methods since there’s a limited space with which to transition. Balayage relies on hand-painting the hair for roots that are darker and ends that are lighter. Both should only be performed by a highly skilled technician.

Multiple Color Choices

Lighter colors can provide a face-framing effect and be extremely flattering when done right. Instead of lighter highlights, individuals can choose darker lowlights to add dimension and highlight the natural color. Going too light or too dark in either direction will ruin the effect.

Orange or Stripey

Highlights can appear orange due to brunette hair that has a red base. Another problem that crops up is stripey hair. No one wants stripes of bleached hair that shouts to the world that they’ve had highlights.


The good news is that a skilled technician can alleviate all those problems and others. Before making an appointment for highlights, it’s important to ascertain that the stylist has experience and is a specialist in the craft. The key concept is don’t try to go too light to fast.

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