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Are Layers Right for Me?

Layered haircuts offer a great way to rid your hair of nasty split ends and create shape. Most of our clients want their hair to look full and healthy but would like to retain as much of their length as possible.  Layers can help achieve this look, but layers do not always suit all hair types or face shapes.

If you are considering adding some layers to your look, think about your hair type and the shape of your face before going for the chop.  As a general guide, here is our advice on whether layers will work for you:

What kind of hair type do you have?

Different hair types are better suited to layers than others.

Straight Hair – A blunt cut with a few long layers will add body and movement to your hairstyle.  Shy away from too many layers though, as they could do the opposite and make your hair look lifeless and flat.

Wavy Hair – Wavy hair looks great with layers, provided that they are not too short and there aren’t too many.  Keep them evenly distributed for luscious wavy locks that move effortlessly and frame the face.

Tight Curls – The hardest of all hair types to work with, just a few shorter layers throughout the hair can thin the hair and add a little more shape.

Loose Curls – Long loose curls can look beautiful with layers, just don’t go mad with them.  Angular layers around the face will add definition and longer layers through the rest of the hair will add movement and volume.

Thick Hair – If you are blessed with big hair, keep your layers long.  For medium or longer styles keep the layers long and sparse, and for shorter styles only add a few short layers to thin out your hairstyle.

Face Shapes

The same applies to different shaped faces, with different types of layers working better with some than others.

Oval Faces – If you have narrow features, opt for a haircut that won’t make you face appear long or droopy. Face-framing longer layers are perfect to enhance your features without adding length, layers starting just under the chin will create a sophisticated, chiseled look.

Square Faces – The wrong kind of layers can make your face look overly wide, so think carefully before you take the plunge.  A few gentle layers that are not over-defined can create the illusion of a softer jawline, adding a pretty, more feminine look.

Round Faces – Round faces are actually blessed with the ability to suit most hairstyles.  Shorter, choppy layers help to give the appearance of higher cheekbones and a more defined jawline, and a choppy A-line bob is a great way to flatter rounder faces.

Heart Shaped Faces – To complement your already defined cheekbones, cut the layers to fall away from the face to help broaden the jawline and balance out the forehead. If you are rocking a short hairstyle, go for softer, longer layers to enhance your lovely facial features.

Layers and Other Cuts from Gramercy Hair Salon

 If you are worried about whether or not layers will work with your hair, why not come in and see us?  Our top-notch stylists will be able to find a style that makes you look and feel a million dollars!

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