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Gramercy Hair Salon

Aveda Colors Perfect for Summer 2017


There couldn’t be a better time than now for color stylists around the globe using Aveda products. There’s a superb line-up of some of today’s hottest colors from subdued pinks to the mermaid collection for you to stand out with bewitching style and grace. In this blog, we talk about the 50 shades of beautiful color that will charm every strand of hair on your head! Of course, we won’t list all 50, but we will highlight the ones that are leaving Gramercy with a real ‘Sha-Bang’!

  1. The first to put you in ‘WOW’ mode, is violet. This incredibly gorgeous shade sets a whole new level magenta. These sensual lavenders are super pretty and will most certainly turn heads.
  2. Silver hair seems to be almost replacing the bleached blondes to the point of almost extinction. We just love this innovative platinum shining like a new dime.
  3. There are dimes, and then there are pennies! With the drop-dead shades of red, you can be sure to steal the attention with these smoking hot shades of copper.
  4. If copper isn’t the perfect shade red for you, then how about setting everyone on fire with this smoking fire engine red? All eyes will be on you with this incredible shade.
  5. Neon greens are the latest fad, and they are making a splash everywhere they go. Paired up with black tips, these are ultra-cool shades where you’ll want to show off those beautiful locks.
  6. There are no limits with the turquoise blues. Part of the mermaid collection, these are excellent choices no matter what shade of blue you prefer.
  7. If you prefer tangerine, then be sure to ask what color oranges might be right for your skin tone. The selections are vast, but there’s certainly one that’s ideal for you.

FŌKLÔR colors are not only vibrant, they’ll leave your hair healthy and free of damage. Unique colors that are playful and fun give you a whole new outlook on today’s modern hairstyles.

With Aveda’s full spectrum Color and Enlightener Protective Toners you can develop colors more easily and with far more hues and tones bringing color to a extraordinary heights. The Aveda color schemes are thinking outside of the box. In fact, you won’t find box coloring here at all. These looks are far more intense than anything out there. Guess you’ll just have to see for yourself.

The possibilities are endless with all the options that Aveda has to offer. Just about any of these colors are perfect to sport for this summer. Pick one that’s perfect for you and listen to the compliments roll.


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