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Gramercy Hair Salon

Balayage for Short Hair

Balayage is a popular technique that shows no signs of waning. The color is painted into the hair free-hand to provide highlights that are more natural-looking than other methods. The results give a more natural sun-kissed look than the striped appearance that’s common with previous approaches.

Balayage can be applied as highlights or low lights to achieve the desired appearance. The technique works equally well with bobs, bangs and layers, along with pixies, waves, curls and shoulder length cuts.

The good news is that shorter styles can benefit from balayage highlights to add depth and dimension to locks, along with visual interest. It’s an excellent alternative to ombre color for long hair. Always make sure that the stylist is experienced in the technique. The color will require very precise hand-painting since he/she will be working with a shorter style.

Individuals have a wide variety of colors from which to choose for balayage highlights. Blonds can select from icy, gray to metallic colors. The hues pair well with short styles and an edgy, dramatic look can be created by leaving some natural blond roots showing.

Brunettes can benefit from dark blonde balayage for an exceptionally chic and sophisticated look. It will create a color melt effect that blends rich and warm tones. Ash brown with lighter highlights will present a jaunty appearance. Copper highlights can be combined with auburn hair to great effect and is particularly attractive on wavy cuts. Crimson on brunette shades offers a sexy, vampire vibe.

Balayage isn’t just for highlights that look as if the recipient has spent the summer in the sun. Balayage doesn’t shy away from bright and bold colors, from blue and purple to red and orange. For a deep dimensional look, try silver on black. Before indulging in the luxurious look of the bolder color mixes, be sure and consult with an experienced balayage expert.

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