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Balayage or Highlights for Curly Hair?

Women with curly hair are often hesitant to try new styles or techniques with their hair due to the specific nature of the strands. Both highlights and balayage techniques can be utilized with curly hair and the choice will ultimately be up to the individual and the effect or look they’re hoping to achieve.

Balayage vs. Highlights

Before making a choice, it’s important to understand the difference between the two techniques. Balayage is a technique in which the stylist uses a brush to hand paint sweeping highlights on hair for a sun-kissed look similar to that of a child’s hair when they’ve spent a summer playing outdoors. With traditional highlights, the stylist utilizes specific sectioning techniques of the hair to lighten from the roots to the tips.


A stylist skilled in addressing the needs of curly hair will add color curl by curl rather than using the sectioning method since curls tend to gather in groups. Simply dividing hair into sections will result in an unattractive and choppy appearance, with some areas receiving far more color than others. One of the disadvantages is that dark roots will be obvious as they grow back in. Highlights for curly hair adds an extra dimension that can emphasize texture.


Stylists prefer the balayage technique as they can create a more natural look. The color is hand-painted, which provides more control over how the color is applied. It can be implemented on individual curls in such a way that they catch the light in a manner that traditional highlights don’t duplicate. The technique is great for making individual curls stand out.

Balayage also works to camouflage dark roots as they grow in. The technique can be customized to the individual and the way their curls fall for emphasis. It’s preferred by color specialists for curly and kinky hair, both of which can be extremely fragile.

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