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Gramercy Hair Salon

Benefits of Scalp Exfoliation

For those that are unfamiliar with scalp exfoliation, now might be a good time to consult with a salon and consider the process. There are dozens of over-the-counter formulations for DIY enthusiasts, but the best solution is to have the treatment performed at a salon. Everyone can benefit from scalp exfoliation, but not every over-the-counter product is appropriate for each person.

Scalp exfoliation removes dead skin cells, debris, and buildup from oils and haircare products that can clog pores, irritate the scalp, cause hair thinning, and leave hair looking dull. The treatment improves circulation, providing an optimal environment for fresh skin cells to grow and enabling hair follicles to grow healthy hair. An added benefit is that it’s a soothing and relaxing experience.

It’s particularly beneficial for individuals that have dandruff, oily hair, or dry skin. Hair is also easier to style when it’s not weighed down. After a scalp exfoliation, hair will look shinier and healthier. The treatment is also beneficial for individuals that have hard water. The minerals present in hard water can build up on hair. Scalp exfoliation will temporarily remove those deposits.

Scalp exfoliation should be performed approximately every 7-10 shampoos. Doing so more often can actually be detrimental to hair and cause the scalp to overreact and produce more oils than necessary. The keyword when exfoliating the scalp is gentle. Too much pressure or using fingernails will damage healthy hair and injure the scalp. There are scalp exfoliating brushes for those that choose to do it themselves.

It’s important to note that after scalp exfoliation, individuals may discover a little more hair in their hairbrush or in the drain. Don’t be alarmed. Those are dead hairs that would have been shed naturally anyway.

There are physical scrubs and chemical-based exfoliants. A salon specialist will be able to perform the treatment with products specifically designed for an individual’s hair type and any problems that they may be experiencing. They can also recommend specific products that will exfoliate while providing nutrients.

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