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Gramercy Hair Salon

Best 2017 Hairstyles for the Shape of Your Face

Selecting a hairstyle that’s right for the form of your face can sometimes be a bit challenging. A stylist can always help you make the right decision. However, bringing in some examples can be helpful. In this week’s blog, we point out some 2017 hot styles that are perfect for the various face shapes that will help you launch the discussion with your stylist.

First, you can determine your face’s shape by taking a picture or selfie and then looking for the following: Print the image then outline the face. This is the first step to finding out what shape your head is. If the forehead is larger than the distance from the nose to the jawline, then you most likely have a round shape. If all the measurements are the same, you are square. If you face is longer than the rest of the features such as the cheekbones, then you are considered oblong. If your face is like a heart, then guess what? Okay, now that we’ve covered that detail, let’s talk about some cuts that work for each shape.


The oval shaped hairstyles are very common. Since the forehead is usually larger than the chin, Bobs and Lobs are in! Also, if you like to wear your hair longer, then be sure to get something that has some body and curl. Straight hair may drag the face down too much with this face shape.

Heart Shaped

Jennifer Anniston has a heart shaped face. She’s also got the best hair on the planet. However, if you have a round pointed chin and a square forehead, you can get away with layers and long strands that frame the face. Curly or straight hair works nicely with a heart-shaped face. One thing you’ll want to avoid is having the bottom layers pointing inward toward the neck. This will make your face look shorter and fuller.



A square face has an equal forehead and jaw lines and about the same distance from the top to the bottom. With this shape, long wavy and bobs are perfect. Don’t get into short hairstyles as the face will look too much like a box.


Long face, the long neck can sport long hair, bangs, short pixie cuts and more. Don’t hesitate to experiment with flip outs and shoulder length styles too.


The round face typically has full, plump cheeks and an even length and width head. With this type of shape, you can easily do side parts, pony tails, and long full tresses. No matter what the style you want to avoid blunt bangs or flat hair.

These should help you determine what style is most attractive for you. If you have questions, book an appointment with your stylist. You won’t regret it!

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