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Gramercy Hair Salon

Best All Natural Hair Products

Dozens of organic and natural products line store shelves and it can be difficult to ascertain which is best for your individual needs and hair type. Your best source for information is your stylist. For those that want to delve into a DIY exploration, the following are just some of the organic products that have been rated some of the best hair care products for 2023.

Dry Shampoo

Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid dry shampoo is comprised of just six ingredients, all of which are derived from natural sources. It’s formulated with ingredients that include kaolin clay, arrowroot and baking soda to absorb excess oil and leave hair shiny, clean and smelling good.


Ursa Major’s Go Easy shampoo cleans and lightly conditions through a blend of coconut, macadamia extract and licorice.


The nourishing conditioner by OGX is a blend of coconut milk and egg white. It’s formulated to strengthen weak hair and hydrate brittle strands.


Tangled hair is always a problem. Rahua hydration detangler is a choice that also contains protection against UV rays and pollution. It doesn’t feel heavy on hair.

Curl Cream

Adwoa’s beauty baomint moisturizing curl defining cream is highlighted by vegan and organic ingredients that include honey and shea butter. It’s equally beneficial for curly or coily hair for hydration

Styling Balm

Reverie’s Rake styling balm is a cream containing mango nut butter and plant oils that hydrates and smooths frizziness.

Scalp Treatment

Briogeo B. Well’s organic scalp treatment is 100 percent Australia tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It should be diluted before use with an oil such as jojoba or coconut before rubbing it into the scalp or adding it to shampoo or conditioner.

Sea Salt Spray

Playa’s endless summer sea salt spray provides you with the beachy waves that are so popular. Sea salt sprays are used in top salons. It features a scent that’s a blend of orange blossom, sandalwood and coconut.

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