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Gramercy Hair Salon


Best Blowout in Boca

The age of the blowout bar and parlor has arrived and in addition to in-home blowout parties, salons are even taking the concept on the road with mobile solutions. Individuals living in and around Boca Raton are fortunate in that they have access to Gramercy Hair Salon’s blowout packs to accommodate four people for $132 or eight individuals for $240.

Blowouts are a convenient, no-fuss way to keep the style you have or get a new hairdo without the time required for a full salon treatment. Tresses will be washed, blow dried and styled. It’s a quick and easy way to keep hair looking its best ahead of an important meeting, a hot date, or any special event.

The service is becoming an increasingly popular way to celebrate a girls day or in preparation for a bachelorette party. During the blowout, the hair specialists will use their skill and expertise to shape hair into a flattering style, add volume, and provide glossy waves or curls. No curling irons or flat irons are used, just a round brush for a style that will last several days.

Salons are offering the services at their brick and mortar shops, with the use of mobile salons, and through in-home services. In many instances, blowouts are more cost effective, too. The price of a salon treatment is often based on the type of hair you have and its length. Blowouts typically have a flat fee that’s charged.

Gramercy Hair Salon blowouts include a relaxing shampoo, a fabulous style, and can be performed in-home or in the client’s hotel for a fee. Treatments are also available that can be added to improve hair health and ensure that you’ll look amazing whether you’re attending a special event or you just need some pampering.

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