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Gramercy Hair Salon

Best Boca Raton Balayage Custom Hair Care

If you like your hair to look as if it’s been kissed by the sun and not fried out, then the Balayage style is ideal for you. The method your stylist uses to create this ultra-chic effect is perfect for those who like the illusion of having thick locks but highlight the face. This week’s blog uncovers some of the best Balayage techniques that could be custom made just for you.

When you first look at someone sporting a Balayage style, you might think they are due for a root touch up. The idea of having gorgeous hair is creating the illusion of depth. The Balayage technique uses roots dark, but the tips are light and create a higher level of intensity making the hair seem thicker and naturally healthy. This is the Balayage technique that everyone is sporting around town today. Who wouldn’t want to wear their lovely strands in such a manner, when it looks organically sexy?

Now that you know what Balayage is, here are a few combinations with shades and color to open up a discussion for you to have with your stylist.

  • Grey with silver strands of sexiness
  • Copper Penny base with apricot tips
  • Chestnut brown base with honey-kissed ends
  • Dark Blonde to Vanilla Blonde
  • Darkest Brunette to Cherry Highlights

These are a few combinations for you to consider if you’ve needed a ‘pick me up’ with your latest style. One of the best things you’ll love about this particular application is its longevity. Rather than applying from roots down, the Balayage method allows the color to be applied mostly to the ends. This effect will help focus on your face and eyes no matter what length of your hair. We’ve all been there before with applying color to the roots. After 6-weeks the hair has grown out, and the roots become noticeable. With the Balayage look, roots are meant to have a deeper darker shade of tone than the rest of the hair.

In addition to the more mellow colors, if you’re someone with purple, pinks or even green hair styles, Balayage can still work for you. In fact, rather than applying a flat color to the entire head, adding a contrasting or comparable shade to the tips will make your hairstyle pop with color! With all these options to select, you can’t help but think Balayage is a beauty breakthrough!

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