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Best Candidates for Mahogany Balayage

One of the hottest trends today is mahogany balayage. It’s been referred to as “barely-there balayage,” providing just a hint of intriguing all-over color. One of the attractions is that individuals don’t need to worry about going too bright or too light. It adds boldness, while blending into naturally dark-hued hair. However, mahogany balayage works better for some hair colors than others.

The best candidates for the trendy balayage are those with hair in the dark chestnut to brown base range. The good news is that it’s equally appropriate for all skin tones. It’s a reddish shade with both warm and cool tones.

Mahogany balayage is an easy way to experience the excitement of red without committing to a complete color change. It’s best for darker hair as there’s already an underlying red pigment, which makes the color easier to maintain. Those with darker hair can expect to head back to the salon every 2 to 3 months to maintain vibrancy.

Individuals will need to replace their regular shampoo and conditioner with one for color-treated hair to maintain color and shine. Adding a weekly hair mask will provide nourishment. Over washing will contribute to fading and a dry shampoo can help between regular cleansings.

For blondes that want to try the stylish color, it’s best to go with a coppery red to achieve a more natural result, but it’s not without risk. Blondes will discover the color tends to quickly fade and far more effort will be needed to preserve the red tones. The biggest drawback for blondes is that once the red tones have been added, it can be difficult to eliminate them. Those with light hair should be absolutely sure they want to commit to mahogany balayage.

One of the great things about mahogany balayage is that the colorist will paint the strands from about mid-length to the ends. The roots are left natural, which eliminates the need for monthly touch-ups and gives hair a more natural look, even as it naturally begins to fade.

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