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Best Ways to Add Volume to Thin Hair

Thin hair tends to be flat and even styling products may not help add the desired volume. Over use of styling products can also weigh hair down even more. There are some natural, inexpensive and effective ways to add volume that are easy to incorporate into a regular styling routine.

Wash Less Often

Those with thin hair often make the mistake of washing too frequently. It strips hair of its natural oils needed to remain healthy and give it a lifted look. Thin hair can be damaged by washing too often.

Upside Down Drying

Let gravity help in lifting hair up, out, and off the scalp. Bend over and let tresses hang down while blow drying. It’s okay to spritz a little light hairspray, but wait about 30 seconds before flipping upright to let the hairspray set.

Baking Soda

Try using 1-part ordinary baking soda to 3-parts water once a week. For long hair, let the solution set for 15 to 10 minutes then just rinse it out. The baking soda cleanses and adds bounce.

Parting Ways

People tend to always part their hair on the same side and locks become used to it. Try parting hair on the other side or in the middle. Doing so prevents flattening and provides a new “look” every day.

Raising Roots

A large, round brush can do wonders for fluffing hair. When blow drying, lift hair from the roots with the brush, wrapping 1 to 2-inch sections around the brush. Direct the blow dryer at the scalp, gently pulling upward with the brush.

Scrunch It

Scrunch and mist hair and let it air dry using 3 teaspoons of sea salt in 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. The recipe is spray, scrunch and repeat as needed. The method adds volume and it’s an excellent way of achieving the beach hair look.

Catch a Wave

Give thin hair a natural wave by twisting damp hair into small buns, known as pin curls back in the day. Use bobby pins rather than elastics to avoid hair damage. In the morning, just pull out the pins, gently tousle the waves, and use a light hairspray to set them.

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