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Gramercy Hair Salon

Best Ways to Define Curls

Curly hair presents special challenges to keep tresses well-groomed, defined, and to prevent breakage. Further complicating care of curly locks is its wide variety of textures. Curly hair also tends to be drier than other types, making it more susceptible to breakage. Whether curls are thick or thin, there are steps anyone can take to keep their hair healthy, reduce damage, and keep curls well defined and managed.

A Cut Above

Great hair begins with a flattering cut. Eliminating damaged ends and a cut that accommodates personal lifestyles will help hair be more manageable. A talented professional can assist in providing a flattering style that allows curly hair to move luxuriously and naturally rather than looking like a helmet of frozen hair. Avoid cuts that simply thin hair.

Prime Products

From shampoo to styling products, those with curly tresses can’t afford to skimp on quality. There’s a good reason why some products have gained an exceptional reputation in the curly community.


The trick to taming tresses is moisture and shampooing in the shower allows gravity to keep curls in a downward position. Simply wash and rinse by letting water traverse the length of hair instead of flipping it forward and back.


It’s essential for curly hair to have enough moisture, but not with oils. Thorough cleaning combined with a good conditioner will keep curls well-defined. A deep conditioning should be employed periodically, depending on a schedule that works best for the individual texture and thickness of the hair.

Apply When Wet

Condition locks when hair is completely wet. Don’t use a towel to dry – gently squeeze excess moisture from hair before applying styling products. They should be applied while tresses are still wet to lock in style. Avoid oil-based products when hair is wet. A very small amount of product fortified with coconut, grapeseed, argan or jojoba oil will add softness and sheen to dry hair.

Divide and Conquer

Dividing hair into 2-8 sections, depending upon the thickness, will help ensure all curls are treated. Begin at the scalp and apply to the tips.

Air Dry

Air drying is the ideal method for people with curly tresses. If drying is necessary, use low heat and try leaving a little dampness in to prevent frizzing.


Anyone with curly tresses is familiar with the scrunch maneuver. Scrunching is primarily for those with wavy hair. Scrunching curly hair will simply result in frizz. After styling products have been applied, air dry whenever possible. For volume, only scrunch the ends and only when they’re almost dry.

Leave it Alone

Once hair has been styled, don’t comb, brush or otherwise disturb it to avoid frizzing. Curls will be styled, well-defined, and ready to go.

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