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Best Ways to Hide Gray Hair Between Coloring

Sometimes gray hair shows up much sooner than optimal.  Even if you dye your hair religiously every few weeks with permanent hair coloring, you can sometimes find gray hairs appearing in a week or two. You will not want to color your hair all over every week or so as that would be too time-consuming, costly and damaging to your hair. Instead, you may consider these alternative ways to keep the gray hair away.

Spray on Color

If you’re in need of a quick gray hair fix between colorings reach for a root cover-up spray to conceal larger areas of grays until there’s time for a more permanent solution. All you have to do is spray the product onto new growth and partially through the length of the hair to blend in the color to effectively conceal gray roots. The quick and easy spray dries immediately and will not leave behind a sticky residue.  Once you have used the spray, you will be all set until your next shampoo.

Dry Shampoo

No doubt, you have heard of dry shampoo and hair powders that can add volume to your hair.  The same colored powders may be used to cover up your grays.  These coloring powders do not work very well for blond women with dark roots but can work for brunettes who want to cover up a little gray hair.

Coloring Sticks

Coloring sticks comprised of wax and colorants are another alternative to covering gray hairs although you need to apply the sticks sparingly and carefully.  This is not the optimal way to cover gray hair but will work for a day or two if you need a quick fix.

Depending on how your gray hair grows in, will depend on the best color product for you. You may just need a spot treatment or may need more coverage. All of these products are temporary and will hold you over between your coloring appointments.

If you avoid extremely dark hair colors like jet black it will stop your gray hair from looking extremely noticeable.  If you opt for lighter and natural shades of colors, gray hairs will be easier to disguise.

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