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Gramercy Hair Salon

Braids are so Versatile

Braids aren’t just for children. They provide a versatile hair style for adults that are appropriate for any occasion. Braid styles run the gamut from casual, formal and practical to cute and sexy. They’re equally applicable for multiple hair types, textures and can be worn in dozens of ways. The following are some of the most common.

Back Braids

A single braid down the back is great for casual outings, hiking and similar activities to prevent hair from becoming tangled and damaged, while keeping it off the face.

Dutch Braid

This is a fishtail braid in reverse and can be further styled as a bun or an up-style for a flirtatious vibe.

Fishtail Braid

The most intricate and complicated of braids, it’s also a trendy look for elegant occasions. When done correctly, each strand is perfectly aligned and emulates the appearance of the scales on a fishtail.

French Braid

A favorite for decades, it’s ideal for keeping hair out of the face while presenting a professional appearance. It can be created as a single or double style.

Half Braids

This is a style that’s particularly pleasing for women with curly hair that want to control the top, while showing off their glorious curls. Hair is only braided about half way down from the crown.

Side Braids

The major difference in this style is that the hair is braided to the side and designed to fall over the shoulder rather than down the back. It provides a soft and sexy look.

Twisted Rope Braid

The easiest and fastest of braids to fashion, it only requires two strands twisted around each other. Depending on the outfit, it can be worn as a sporty, sexy, or professional style.

Wrapped Braids

This up-do is created by braiding hair in an upward lift, then forming a bun of curls at the top of the head. Stylish and chic, it’s appropriate for any type of glamorous or formal outing.

Pick a Style

There are literally dozens of ways to make a braid work for any type or texture of hair. Some are more intricate and complicated than others and take considerable practice to perform effortlessly. For anyone that wants a stylish look for a special occasion, consult with a favorite stylist that can suggest additional braided options.

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