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Can Taking Vitamins Help Your Hair?

Many people take a multi-vitamin as part of their daily routine. However, when it comes to your hair, the best way to feed and nourish your hair is by eating a healthy diet. There’s no hard scientific evidence that proves taking vitamins will help your hair – or your health in general.

Researchers at John Hopkins University conducted a 10-year study concerning multi-vitamins and health. No discernable differences were detected between the control group and those taking the vitamins. The study noted that multivitamins may help fill in potential dietary gaps and deficiencies. However, taking massive doses of a particular vitamin can actually be harmful, particularly when combined with certain medications. The exception to that would be if you’re pregnant or following a vegan lifestyle.

A wealth of vitamins and supplements are on the market that claims to promote hair growth, health, and reduce thinning. Vitamins are critical for your health, but there are a number of factors that affect your hair and its health, including genetics, age, medical conditions and medications, hormone levels, diet, stress, and hair treatments.

There’s nothing you can do about your genetics, but lifestyle choices can mitigate damage to your hair. Low-calorie and low-fat diets can result in hair loss and weakness. A variety of medications adversely affect hair health ranging from birth control pills, those for acne, and medications to lower blood pressure, along with anti-depressants, antibiotics and antifungal drugs.

It’s common for menopausal women to see hair loss and thinning, along with less luster due to hormone changes. Conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, lupus and anemia also adversely affect hair health. Stress is a major source of dull and lackluster locks and genetics affect how early your hair begins to go gray – but there’s little clinical evidence that taking vitamins will make a significant difference in your hair.

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