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Gramercy Hair Salon

Caring for Low Porosity Hair

An estimated 20 percent of the population has low porosity hair, but few have even heard the term. People of all races and ethnic groups can have this type of hair, but African-Americans are particularly susceptible to low porosity. This type of hair requires special care to maintain moisture and health.

What is Low Porosity?

Low porosity locks don’t absorb water or hair treatments efficiently. It can have highly damaging effects. Be aware that it’s not a result of anything you did wrong. It’s simply a result of your particular genetics.

Signs Your Hair Might be Low Porosity

This type of hair takes longer to get thoroughly wet in the shower. It also takes much longer to dry. Shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments may just sit on top of the hair’s surface instead of sinking in as intended. Neither does this type of hair respond well to protein treatments.

The hair’s cuticle layer is very tight and doesn’t want to open, even when exposed to moisture. Low porosity hair tends to be dry and can be difficult to manage.

All is Not Lost

If you have low-porosity hair, there are measures you can take to tame your mane and keep it healthy. The first step is not to skip washing your hair. Use products specifically developed for low porosity hair to cleanse and strengthen. Focus your efforts on products crafted to keep moisture sealed into locks.

Even though it will take longer, it’s helpful to apply products in sections. Apply your products in conjunction with warm water to encourage cuticles to release. A hair steamer is effective for opening cuticles.

Humectants can also be used. They form a barrier on your hair to seal in moisture. Seek products with keratin, collage or hyaluronic acid. Avoid heavy products as all they do is weigh down low porosity hair. Don’t neglect regular trims. Low porosity locks tend to be drier, making it prone to split ends, brittleness and breakage


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