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Gramercy Hair Salon

Caring for your Curls

Anyone with curly locks knows that caring for them requires extra effort. Highly textured hair has its own unique challenges and you may be causing damage without realizing it. Curly, coily and wavy strands are more prone to breakage, frizzing and dryness that other hair types.


The frequency with which you wash your hair will depend on factors ranging from sebum production to workout schedules and lifestyle, but daily washing isn’t recommended. Curls are best served by washing 1-2 times a week to minimize breakage and dryness.


A good conditioner is essential, since curls tend towards dryness, frizz and dullness without proper hydration. Choose conditioners designed for curls to ensure your hair receives the protection and nourishment it needs. Look for ingredients that include aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil or shea butter. A light-weight, leave-in conditioner is best for curls to provide longer-lasting protection and hydration.

Styling Products

Don’t wait to apply your styling products – it gives frizzies an opportunity to take hold. The best time is while your hair is still damp. Don’t rake products through hair to avoid damaging fragile hair. Use closed hands to avoid damaging the hair cuticle.

Blow Drying

It takes extra time, but allow your hair to air dry whenever possible. Use a diffuser attachment if you blow dryer. It limits the amount of heat and air flow, thereby reducing the amount of friction between strands that contributes to frizziness.


Using a brush or fine-toothed comb to detangle hair is always a no-no and never attempt to detangle right after a shower. The best way to remove tangles is in the shower, with a wide-toothed comb, while working conditioner through your hair. After rinsing, refrain from combing or running your fingers through curls.

Sleep Protection

Textured hair needs protection, even while you sleep. Wrap hair in a silk scarf or invest in a silk pillowcase. It reduces the amount of friction your hair experiences during the night.

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