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Gramercy Hair Salon

Change Up Your Look in An Instant with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions give you the option to change up your look in an instant.  Wave goodbye to the frizzy, badly blended synthetic hair pieces of the past and say hello to a new world of natural looking, easy fit hair extensions that last for ages and look completely awesome!

Still not sure if hair extensions are right for you?  Check out these top 5 reasons why hair extensions totally rock:

  1. Instant Length

Hair takes time to grow, period!  And if we are not waiting for our luscious looks to grow, we are waiting for them to reach past a certain point.  Most of us have a limit as to how far our hair will grow naturally, no matter how kindly we treat it.  If you are too impatient to wait to grow Rapunzel style tresses, or if your hair growth has simply reached its limit, then extensions could be the perfect solution for you.

  1. Add Volume

Great looking hair is not just about length, sometimes it’s about volume too.  If your hair is fine or feeling limp, adding extensions can bulk up your look to give you a thick, luscious head of hair.  Hair extensions are a great way to rediscover your hairs former glory by simply adding instant volume.  Hair extensions come in three different weights to cater for a variety of different hair types – 120g, 160g, and 220g – meaning that you can always find a suitable fit to increase volume, no matter how fine your hair is.

  1. Change Your Color

If you want to add color to your hair, but don’t feel brave enough to make a permanent change, hair extensions can add instant color as subtly, or as obviously, as you want.  You can play around with color and techniques like Ombre without having to commit to anything permanent and without the risk of over processing your hair.   Add highlights or lowlights for a natural look or go bold with brightly colored stripes of hair that really stand out against your natural color.  From day to day wear, to a special occasion, extensions can completely transform your look.

  1. Update Your Hairstyle

Sometimes it’s nice to have a different look or to be able to pull off the perfect updo, whatever the length of your natural hair.  Extensions are super easy to apply and can be used to add volume, length or even color to a wide range of hairstyles.  Add intricate details to a simple braid or bun or add a ton of volume to your ponytail by adding extra hair. You don’t even need to a whole head of extensions to achieve a totally new look, just a few wefts can be all you need to transform your hair for a special occasion.

  1. A New Do Without Any Damage

One of the very best things about modern-day hair extensions is the fact that they are easy to apply, and remove, and cause little or no damage to your natural hair. Whether you opt for clip-in extensions to use at home, or fully bonded extensions applied by your stylist there are a wealth of options just waiting to be explored.  Here at Gramercy Hair Salon, we specialize in tape extensions that offer a long-lasting, natural loom for everyone.

Get Your New Look from Gramercy Hair Salon

Our technicians are just waiting to give you the new look you have been dreaming of.   All of our stylists are certified in VOMOR extensions, and these are the hair extensions that we recommend for all of our clients.

Book your hair extension consultation with us today at 561.600.9594.

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