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Gramercy Hair Salon

Your Diet Can Help Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth

Your Hair reflects What You Eat

If you’ve ever noticed how your hair reacts when you’re tired, sick or stressed, your body is giving you vital info about your health. In fact, when your hair is lacking nutrients it can lead to other serious problems such as breakage as well as thinning. We want to share the Gramercy tips on how you can maintain healthy hair and promoting growth with a proper diet.

1st Start your day with a nice B-Complex and some Biotin by eating at least two eggs. Be cautious if you consume too much egg yolks as this could hurt your cholesterol. However, if your physician has given you a clean bill of health, then starting your day with a hard-boiled or poached egg should be beneficial and will help promote strong hair growth.

2nd Indulge in vital proteins by consuming fish and seafood. If you aren’t a fan, you can take a Fish Oil supplement. Either way fish and fish oils help improve hair deficiencies and disorders. Powerful ingredients have distributed addressing issues with the scalp and surface of the skin. When you live in South Florida, you have an overabundance of delicious seafood at low costs so eat as much as you like!

3rd If you feel your hair is thinning, then Gramercy Stylist will recommend a healthy dose of spinach, avocado, bananas, and salmon. All these foods are rich in potassium which will make your scalp and hair full of this important life chemical helping prevent hair loss.

4th If your hair is damaged from things such as over processing, hair dyes, and other chemicals then have your fair share of peanuts and squash seeds. For those who enjoy liver, you can also incorporate a nice portion of this meat once per week.

5th Strong hair can be obtained by some organic parts of Swiss Chard, cabbage, and raspberries. Not only are these full of vitamins and nutrients, but they also taste incredible in many salads and as side dishes.

By taking the time to eat a healthy and balanced meal, you should notice a significant difference in your hair’s texture, and it should feel smoother. If you don’t see an improvement, a multi-vitamin may be necessary. Don’t forget to stay away from over the counter or drug store hair products as these can be very harsh.

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