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Gramercy Hair Salon

Don’t Fear Changing Your Look!

Sometimes people can get so caught up in the fear of changing their look that they get frozen in time and end up doing nothing. While a new and trendy cut can be exciting to contemplate, you don’t have to have your locks shorn to achieve a new look. Changing up your look is just one way that you reinvent yourself throughout your lifetime.

The best thing about changing your hair is that it isn’t permanent. If you cut your hair and you don’t like it, your tresses won’t take long to grow back. You can add highlights, get extensions, dye it an entirely different color, or treat yourself to an upswept style. Even braids and ponytails are an option.

Your hairstyle essentially tells a story about you. It can represent your feeling of youth, sense of humor, or playfulness. A change of hairstyle can demonstrate a new beginning or chapter in your life and increase your confidence. A new do can also make you appear taller or thinner, while bangs offer a flirty way to soften the entire face and draw attention away from age-related flaws.

Hair is related to our self-esteem and it’s just one of the reasons why no one should cut or color when they’re emotional. Your hairstyle can also be a reflection of your stage of life. Younger women tend to have locks that are long and flowing that psychologists say is representative of throwing off parental restraints.

Women with children and those just beginning their careers typically opt for shorter styles that are easy to manage and require little maintenance. If you’ve achieved success or moved up the corporate ladder, hairstyles usually become a little more sophisticated.

By the time women have reached the age of 50 or so, they return to shorter styles that are low maintenance and don’t get in their way. Color is an option or they choose to go platinum and wear their hair as a symbol of their wisdom, experience, and confidence. No matter what you do to change your look, wear it with style.

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