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Gramercy Hair Salon

Fall Nail Color Trends

Autumn is just around the corner and some color trends are already making waves in fashion circles. While fall is typically a time for more muted colors, the 2019-2020 season will feature vibrant colors, many of which will be seen together from pistachio and purple to pink and orange.


In the green hue, pistachio, sage and mint green are dominating runways. Designers are featuring ensembles that pair multiple shades of those three color combinations.


Designers are pairing the brightest of oranges with everything from neutrals to hot pink. Those in the fashion world claim their creations are flattering for every skin tone, but oranges and yellows that are too bright may still prove to be too overpowering for some people.


The bright pink spectrum is making a splash in a big way on runways around the world. The color is being predominately paired with casual wear.


From pale lavender to royal purple, designers are passionate about purple. The color will be apparent in all of its 50 shades and variations in the form of complete outfits to accessories.


While bright colors that pop are designer favorites, beige still holds a place of honor for casual wear to workplace attire. The color is being utilized in more sophisticated ways and in layers within the same outfits.

Color for All

For individuals that still prefer more muted colors, tried and true shades, and follow their own unique sense of style, there will still be plenty of other colors from which to choose. Despite the efforts of fashion designers to direct consumer purchases, there will still be a supply of colors encompassing cranberry, fig, merlot, butterscotch and cheddar.

For those that prefer a different color palette, browns in shades of nut, chocolate and espresso will also be on racks. As the fashion scene exits autumn and enters winter, vivid blues, frosty grays, off-whites, and shades of gold provide perennial favorites that are easy to mix-and-match.

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