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For Men Only: Salon vs. Barbershop

Barbershops have traditionally been the bastion of men. A place to have their hair cut, by a man, and enjoy some bonding time with others of the male gender. For many men, hair salons are viewed as the exclusive purview of women. However, there’s been a shift in recent years as many men are becoming more concerned about their appearance and seeking services not offered by their local barber.

There’s one primary difference between barbershops and salons – the training of the people providing services. Barbers are normally trained in shorter and more traditional men’s haircuts that may or may not be combined with a hot lather shave or beard trim. It’s an opportunity to engage in camaraderie with other men and the price point is often cheaper.

Barbershops provide a man cave ambiance where cuts are fast, efficient, and no-frills. Many men – mostly those that have never been to a salon – say they prefer a barber because they feel that the stylists in salons are too chatty or try to sell them products or services they don’t need. Men also report feeling self-conscious about saying they’re going to a salon rather than a barbershop.

A salon stylist receives far more training than a barber in everything from styling to cutting and coloring. A stylist can help determine the best style for flattering facial structure, complexion, and age. Salons are ideal for men that want to be fashionable, stylish, and maintain a longer style. Salons also provide a wide range of products specifically designed to keep hair looking its best and address any problems with damage.

Many men associate a barbershop with a sense of nostalgia, a connection with their father, and a place to learn the wisdom of their elders. Men that have longer hairstyles, want to color the gray, or find a flattering style rather than get a quick buzz cut will definitely want to consider a salon appointment.

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