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Gramercy Hair Salon

Frizz-Free and Fabulous Hair This Summer

Lazy days around the pool and sun-kissed skin can make us feel super glam on vacation.  But, when the humidity kicks in and our perfect hair turns in to a big ball of frizz, it can definitely change the way we feel about our summer look.

Humidity and summer storms can be a problem here in Florida, but with a bit of forward planning and some carefully adapted hair-do’s, you can still be looking on point this summer.

  1. Work with the weather not against it

If you know that your hair type will blow up like a balloon at the first sign of moisture, try these top tips to protect against the worst:

Shampoo less, condition more

Shampoo strips the hair of the natural oils that keep it tame, which may make it quick to misbehave in the heat.  Conditioner, however, helps to block humidity, meaning your hair will stay frizz-free for longer.

Treat it weekly

During the hot summer months, treat your locks to a home treatment at least once a week.  Apply a mask to help keep hair soft and supple, but also to protect the shafts of the hair from splitting and going frizzy.

Seal it

By using a serum or oil designed to reduce frizz, you can help to keep your hair smoother for longer.  Apply when wet and pay particular attention to split ends and dry patches.

  1. Protect Your Hair from The Heat

When your hair is ready to do battle with the humidity, make sure that it is also protected against the damage caused by the sun, chlorine and salt water.

Come prepared

You wouldn’t hit the beach without applying sunscreen, so don’t forget to bring a protective serum with you to protect both your hair and scalp.  Your hair is more susceptible to damage when it is wet, and harmful rays can burn through to your scalp. Purchase a product with a high UPF factor for your hair and don’t leave the house without it.

Clean out chlorine

Chlorine can be harsh on our hair.  After a swim, always be sure to jump in the shower and use a shampoo designed to remove every last trace of chlorine. Leaving it to dry without properly rinsing away Chlorine or salt water residue, can leave hair feeling dry and brittle.

Treat it well

After a week on vacation, restore your hair to its former glory by treating it to a leave-in conditioner or overnight mask to restore lost moisture.

  1. Style for Success

Another great way to make your hair work for you during the warmer weather is to find styles that look pretty without too much fuss.


Braids work really well when it’s hot.  They keep sticky hair away from your neck and keeping them tightly wound makes them less susceptible to the demon frizz.  They also look super cool around the pool.


Tight and high or low and lose, ponytails look effortlessly stylish whether you are rocking a two-piece on the beach or keeping cool in town.


If your hair is curly, just go with it.  A bit of smoothing serum and a simple headband to keep it off your face creates a simple, romantic look that is perfect for summer.

Here at Gramercy Hair Salon, we can help you create your best summer hair ever.  Book your appointment with us today at 561 600 9594.

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