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Gramercy Hair Salon

Livin’ Like You are the Queen of Frizz-Free?


Livin’ Like your the Queen of Frizz-Free

5 Steps to avoid being Frizzly Adams this Summer

  1. Choose the right Shampoo and Condition with the Right Frequency

If you are shampooing more than 2x/week, you may be stripping your hair of all its own moisturizing factors it so craves.  This is the reason your hair swells in the humidity! It is reaching out for help.  Trying to grab all the moisture from the air that it can!

Try doing a better Shampoo and Condition only 2x/week to make sure your scalp and hair have time to create oil and absorb it.  So, how do you shampoo? Start with a thorough brushing before you get in the shower.  It removes the hair you shed (50-100 hairs per day is normal) and starts to revive the scalp.  Then use a cleansing shampoo, like Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Shampoo, follow with a second shampoo to care for your hair and start the frizz-reduction, like Smooth Infusion Shampoo.  Lastly apply Smooth Infusion Smoothing Conditioner to smooth and soften your hair, comb through and leave on for 2-3 minutes if you can muster the patience.

2. Use a Prep Step that has Thermal and UV Protectionbrilliant_damage_control_

Which part of your hair seems the frizziest? The part around your face! Why does hair have to be frizziest where you see it the most?  That’s the part that sees the most sun, fun and styling!  Sun, fun and styling equals hair that needs to be shielded from the UV rays, wind, being pulled back into clips and pony tails, and hot tools!  This all causes hair to look and behave like dry, frizzy hair.  Use Aveda Brilliant Damage Control.  Spray lightly throughout wet hair prior to styling products. Its weightless, quick and effective.

3. Find a Styling Product you can use from Scalp to Ends

Think of frizzy hair like a dry sponge, once a drop of water gets on the sponge it expands.  Hair is porous like sponges, a bit of moisture gets in and makes it get big, or in some cases, heavy and flat.  Putting a light layer of a product that has hold, polymers, and a light oil or silicone, will prevent the humidity from penetrating the hair strand and causing it to go ‘Poof” or “Fleazzy”! (Fleazzy means flat, heavy frizz).


A good medium hold product with frizz-fighting ingredients is Smooth Infusion Nourishing Creme.  So many hair types do well with this product and it can be used to air-dry (Summertime BONUS!) or to blow-dry.

4. Chemical Free Straightening Treatment as the Humid Season Starts

Carcinogenic “Hyde” derivatives are hidden in many chemical straighteners.  Many hairdressers report to emergency rooms each year, because at some point their bodies have had enough and their reactions to chemical straighteners get stronger until they get sick.

Before and After Nano

At Gramercy Salon, we use NanoComplex Sleek effectively works on re-texturizing the natural chemical hair structure by safely softening the disulfide bonds in each hair cuticle and not by breaking them. Because the active ingredient in the Sleek Hair Straightening System is a derivative of a keratin amino acids, Glutathione; it will actively restore, repair, recondition and safely soften the disulfide bonds of your hair. The results will always provide beautiful sleek, bouncy, shiny and frizz-free hair! Your hair will really look and feel repaired, because it will actually be in much better condition after the service. Nothing toxic is involved in the making of this Sleek Hair Straightening Formula.

The treatment takes 90 minutes, you leave with beautiful, soft healthy hair, not greasy without any smell.  Hair can be shampooed 48 hours after the treatment and colored two weeks after the treatment.

5. Do Not Keep Killing It With The Hot Tools!

Flat-ironing away the frizz is a short-term fix, with long-term damage!  Sure it looks great that day, but the more you do it, the dryer and frizzier your hair gets over time.  Try blow-drying your hair really well with the right products twice a week.  Dry it 100% dry. On days two and three use dry shampoo lightly at the root, and serum on the ends.  Come in to see our team to get styling advice on ways to reinvent your day 3 or day 4 hair to get another day out of it! A twist, braid or bun is totally achievable with a little styling advice.  I’m not talking about a gym-pony, I’m talking about a ‘I’m-an-adult-and-I’ve-got-it-together’ ponytail!

Put all five-steps together and you are guaranteed to get healthier, less frizzy, beautiful hair in less time than you can imagine!

Yours in gratitude,


To learn more about our services, give us a call at 561-600-9594 or stop by Gramercy Salon located in Mizner Park in Boca Raton. We look forward to meeting you!