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Gramercy Salon

DIY Haircolor Kits


DIY Home Haircolor

Ever look in the mirror and think I don’t have time for this?

Of course you have! No one has time for greys

Welcome to the future of hair color and hair toning, where we bring the expertise and creativity of our expert stylists to the comfort of your home. As our lives have become more and more productive, it is with new technology, exclusively at Gramercy Salon, that we support you to DIY your haircolor.  When you want, when you need, in the privacy of your own home, with our expert formula’s and the highest quality hair color on the market. We cater to the needs of modern person who does almost everything from home, so we began offering high-quality hair services and products that redefine convenience and luxury.

At Gramercy Salon, we understand the value of both exceptional quality and convenience. That’s why we have curated our exclusive DIY Hair Color Kits, formulated by our expert stylists with the utmost care and precision, for you, completely customized! These kits include everything you need to achieve professional-level hair color results from the comfort of your own space.

Our DIY Hair Color Kits cater to your unique style and preferences. We have ammonia-free options, permanent, demi-permanent, glosses and glazes.  We can even custom-blend a Kerastase Fusio-Dose to complement your freshly done color, which seals in the color and repairs, with the world’s leading technology in instant hair treatments!

To ensure the best possible outcome, our stylists have hand-picked high-quality haircare products, and formulate them precisely for you! Then, they seal the jars airtight, and place them in a kit.  The kit is complete with a disposable towel, gloves, bowl, brush and instructions.  The formula is prepared to last for six months, so you can use it at home or while taking a long trip abroad! This is such a wonderful solution for you!

Your at-home experience will be nothing short of extraordinary, as we prioritize your hair’s health and use top-tier ingredients that deliver long-lasting and beautiful results.  All of our color formulations include the revolutionary Incell+Ionene G, which hydrates while it colors, which is so necessary in South Florida, where our water and sun dry out our hair!

Book your appointment with Gramercy Salon today, and take advantage of our DIY Hair Color Kits that bring the salon expertise to your doorstep. Elevate your hair color experience with the convenience and luxury you deserve. Indulge in the art of luxurious hair color transformations, specially curated by our expert stylists for you. Experience the difference of salon-quality color in the comfort of your home.

Click below to choose “DIY Haircolor Kit” or “DIY Toner Kit”.  We prefer that you stop in the salon for a 10 minute appointment, so we can consult with you about your regrowth, or roots, and formulate for your hair with our naked eye.  You can text a photo to the salon, at 561-600-9594, however, sending photos may reduce the quality of your formula due to lighting inconsistencies.  Although, if it is necessary to text a photo, we will do our absolute best to give you a perfect result!  Shipping is available.

This is also a great opportunity for those of you with second homes, new babies, hectic schedules, or hair that grows grey quickly!


I go back and forth between Boca and Montreal, so I bring this to my stylist in Montreal because I prefer the color formula at Gramercy
Christie L. on Google


Easy to apply! I really needed my stylist after I had surgery, but this did the trick. Helped me feel so much better!
Valerie R. on Yelp


Root touch-up made easy! I loved the product--it covers the roots that need it until my next salon appointment
Elaine T. on Vagaro

Our professional stylists use the most high-tech color formulation scales on the market through a company called Vish.  It records your complete formula history to the tenth of a gram with perfect mixing ratios, so your color comes out even and consistent.  Your expert formula history will be held in our database, but a precise ingredient list will be attached to your kit too.