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Gramercy Hair Salon

Gramercy Hair Salon Hosts Fundraiser To Benefit George Snow Scholarship Fund

Boca Raton’s Gramercy Hair Salon has only been open for two years. Nevertheless, owner Kristin Nelson always finds the time to give back to the community.  No matter how busy her first years as an entrepreneur might be. “Supporting the community we serve is one of the salon’s major values,” Nelson explained.

From August 11ththrough August 25th, Gramercy will be hosting a fundraiser for the benefit of the George Snow Scholarship Fund.  A Boca Raton-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational grants to students in South Florida. Subsequently, Nelson’s salon will be donating all proceeds from their Kerastase Fusio-Dose hair treatment directly to the charity. Clients who purchase such treatment on any such dates will not only be nurturing their hair but will also be contributing to a young student’s higher education.

“As the mother of a Boca Raton public school student, I have met many wonderful young scholars that are full of potential,” shared Nelson with The Boca Voice. “If we all step-up to support them in finding their paths, then every student can fulfill their dreams of pursuing higher education and their dream careers,” she continued.

Their goal is to raise $3,000 during their first George Snow Scholarship Fund fundraiser. Gramercy has hosted other fundraisers in the past, said the salon owner.  They are excited to continue to build such important relationships such as their new partnership with George Snow.

When we asked Nelson what advice she would give young students seeking to follow the entrepreneurial route as she did, she said:

“Find successful mentors in your industry and begin to build and maintain relationships with those people. The most impactful advice I’ve received has come from successful, established salon owners. When opening my own business, there were times I just didn’t know what to do. Having those mentors to support me through the challenges of being an entrepreneur really helped me grow personally and professionally. Their time and guidance have made a huge impact in my career.  And now I’m happy to be giving back to the community in a way that will make a huge impact in the Snow Scholars’ careers and lives.”

Nelson’s words, like her fundraising event, also make a contribution to a young student’s future.


Resource: The Boca Voice