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Gramercy Hair Salon

Grey Hair Mistakes

Whether individuals have embraced their grey hair or are trying to camouflage it, there are certain mistakes that everyone will make at one point in the greying process and it can make them appear older than their years. Grey hair has a different texture than pre-grey hair. It lacks the pigment normally present in each strand and it’s wirier and coarser.

The attitudes about grey hair are slowly changing and many people are embracing their grey. There are many ways to go grey and a variety of shades ranging from gunmetal to silver. Genetics plays a major role in the age at which people begin to see grey hairs and the rate at which the rest of their hair turns color. The following are some of the most common grey hair mistakes.

Plucking – Resist the temptation to pluck out the grey. Hair follicles can be fickle and the strand that grows back may be greyer than the one that was removed. Plucking also increases the potential for damaging the follicle or completely removing it and a missing hair follicle grows no hair.

Coloring Too Soon – Don’t immediately assume that dying is the only solution. Rather than dying hair and the increased upkeep it requires, there are tinted shampoos that can help hide the grey. They’re also a good solution in between salon visits.

Not Getting Highlights – The use of highlights is an easy and effective way to hide grey and draw attention away from it.

Unfiltered Water – Chemicals, minerals, and salt water will adhere to grey hair and can make it appear brassy or yellow and will dull the overall appearance. The same thing can happen to grey hair when exposed to chlorinated water in pools, but it can take on a greenish cast.

Unflattering Haircuts – Some cuts are better at minimizing the appearance of grey hair than others. Longer hair accentuates the grey and a layered look requires more heat from styling tools that will highlight the wiriness of grey hair.

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