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Gramercy Hair Salon

Hair Color Gone Wrong? We’ve Got Your Repair Solutions

If you’re one of those people who likes to change your hair color as much as you change your socks, then this blog is for you. Because you’re using chemicals and breaking down the composition of pigmentation, you should be cautious with this application. In addition to the chemicals, certain factors such as your hair type and external elements can greatly change the long-term effects of your hair. In this week’s article, we discuss a few solutions that will help you if you, (ah hum) had a less than desirable experience.

The first question you’ll want to answer is, how to know when your hair is damaged from hair coloring or dye?

Your hairs texture will help you determine if you’ve come across a bad dye job. If the hair is brittle, breaks easily or has split ends, there’s a good chance your hair has become damaged. The last thing you should do is to use hair dye for a certain period. Unless your stylist assists you, give you hair some time to heal. Use coconut oil to do a hot oil treatment once a week to help strengthen the hair shaft and soothe your scalp. Using products that are made with bleach are notorious for promoting damaged hair. Be sure to check with your hair dresser for pre-repair treatments. Chances are after a few weeks, you’ll be ready to have the hair re-colored and repaired.

Don’t Do Drastic Hair Coloring Sessions!  

If you are a dark chocolate brown and now want to be platinum blond. Think again. Same goes for going from blondie to brownie. It just doesn’t work. Your hair needs to gradually change color because you’re going from one extreme to the next and potentially going to ruin your beautiful locks. Many products on the market today are safe, but these changes still need to be done at the discretion of your stylist as they can see what is happening. Take your time to turn into that gorgeous brunette or bombshell blonde. You’ll be happy you did.

Lastly, if the hair is damaged on the ends and the rest of your hair looks fine, then consider cutting the bad parts with a cute bob or lob cut. All the masks, moisturizers and home remedies are sometimes not enough. Speak to your hair dresser for a cut that will eliminate the bad ends and keep the good ones while the color is fading or growing out.

Our hair stylists are professionals and skilled and can help you if you’re facing these issues. Book your appointment today.

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