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Gramercy Hair Salon

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Hair Color Options

Change is a good thing in life and that can apply to your hair color. It can give you a new sense of confidence while providing a stylish new look or the way to make a dramatic statement. There are numerous ways to employ the color options available, the only problem will be deciding which one you like best.

The first order of business is to decide if you want highlights or lowlights. Highlights are streaks that are lighter than your base color and rely upon bleaching to achieve. Lowlights are darker than your base color. Attaining the right level with any method can be tricky, making it imperative that you work with an experienced salon technician.


These are the blonde streaks that you probably got as a child playing outside in the summer. They’re achieved by applying extremely fine streaks for a sun-kissed look.


The dyeing method literally employs finger painting the color or highlight of choice onto hair strands. It’s typically used to provide blonde shades on darker colors. Hair is painted with a specific pattern that mimics the effects of sun and ocean water from a summer spent on the beach.


This is a relatively new technique that’s also low maintenance to achieve peek-a-boo highlights or add color. It combines ombre and balayage techniques and is a little less subtle than balayage.

Frosted Highlights

With this method, only the tips of the hair are bleached. Best used with shorter hairstyles, it can create a dramatic effect.


The effects have been described as stunning to spectacular. The trendy look gradually transitions hair from darker at the scalp to lighter at the tips.

Ribbon Highlights

It’s a perfect solution for curly or wavy hair as the technique follows the line of your curls for one of the most natural looks available.


A favorite of celebrities, it offers a softer version of the ombre technique and it’s a good place to start if you want highlights but are hesitant to make a drastic change.

No Limits

Highlights aren’t limited to blonde, brunette and redhead. You can highlight your hair with any color of the rainbow, from hot pink to electric blue to accommodate your own sense of style, fashion and preference.

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