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Gramercy Hair Salon

Hair Extension Advice for the Boca Raton Woman

If you’ve ever wondered how actresses such as Jennifer Aniston or Model, Gigi Hadid look as though they have full, sexy hair, don’t assume it’s because it’s all natural. Many celebrities  have some gorgeous locks. However, they also use extensions to make their hair appear longer. While these wonderful hair beauty aids are great, there are a few things you should be aware of before you start clipping. Furthermore, glue and other hair products used to install hair extensions can damage hair, so you need to know which are the right ones for you to prevent such problems. In this week’s blog, we point out a few things you should be aware of when it comes to hair extensions.

Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions Can Get Sticky!

When you live in a place such as Boca Raton, there’s a lot of people who offer hair extensions. One thing to be aware is if these products are going to be installed semi-permanently or if they’re another method such as clips. Depending on the procedure, you can have long hair daily. However, the glue and keratin method will last about 2-3 months and will need to be removed by a professional if you are going to avoid your hair breaking.

The Weave or Sew in Method Can be Dangerous

Another trick to installing extensions is the weave. Again, these are not always viable solutions as this form of hair extensions may last the same amount of time but can substantially ruin your beautiful tresses.

Micro-Beading is an Old Method and Not Necessary Suitable for Fine Hair

The micro-bead procedure lasts the longest compared to any other kind. However, these little gems are not only putting more stress on your hair, but they’re also the worst when it comes to the health of the hair as they are very heavy.

Clip Ins Offer the Same Look, Without the Commitment

The clip method is one of the best ways you can enjoy hair extensions where little caution is necessary. Be sure to match your hair with the right color as there are a ton of selections.

Another word of foresight, be sure if you’re going to use hair extensions and are going to have them installed for long-term, you find a reputable company. There’s a ton of places in Palm Beach County who advertise this type of service. However, they aren’t always going to give you the best results.

Be sure to consult with your hair stylist before using any hair extension that will last longer than a day.

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